It's simple. Follow these rules, and don't get blocked.

Wiki RulesEdit

  • Articles must be difference-between. The respective category(ies) should be added to each article. If an article does not have any categories for 24 hours, or the wrong category(ies), it will be deleted.
  • Articles should have explanations.
  • Articles should be in (near) perfect grammar.
  • Articles should have absolutely no profanity (this includes mild profanity; even h*ck). If an article remains profanitized for 24 hours, it will be removed.
  • Along with articles, comments should have absolutely no profanity or they will be removed.
  • There should be absolutely no spam or vandalism in articles or comments (including, but not limited to, userpages and blog posts).
  • Nothing except for userpages should link to external sites.
  • Articles must use these templates. You may not create your own templates without permission by a staff member.
  • Articles must use the naming format Thing 1 vs. Thing 2 vs. Thing 3 etc.
  • Respect all users.

Chat RulesEdit

  • Profanity is allowed, but don't overuse it.
  • Don't spam or link to external sites (even different wikis).
  • Respect all users.