These are the templates you should use when creating an article.

  • DifferenceBetween# - used at the beginning of an article: replace # with the number of things you are differenciating (limit is 9). Usage: {{DifferenceBetween2|green beans|asparagus}}
  • AnythingMissing - used at the end of an article: should be used at the end of every difference between article.
  • HelpWanted - used at the beginning of an article, before DifferenceBetween: used if you need help on an article.
  • Stub - used at the beginning of an article, before anything: used if the article is incomplete, or a "stub". 


This article is a stub. You can help by expanding it.
This article is in need of help. You can help out by contributing.
The difference between vowels, consonants and numbers

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